DCI standard compliant mastering
Digital Cinema Package
Whether you are an independent filmmaker, distributor, film student, or advertiser– we create your Digital Cinema Package (DCP) at an affordable price.

A Digital Cinema Package (DCP) is the modern version of traditional 35mm film reel. The DCP is the format theaters use to project feature films and trailers.

Our DCPs are industry standard and are delivered on specially formatted hard-drives that the digital cinema system can read. Our DCPs have been shown at numerous theatres and film festivals all over the world.





Feature length films
Deliver your film with confidence
Screening on a festival, or a country wide release on all major screens.
Short Film
Most film festivals will demand a DCP of your selected short film. We have low prices and different delivery options for student films and short films. Get a quote below!
DCI standard compliant mastering. Remastering of existing DCPs.
KDM creation and delivery to cinemas via E-Mail
Professional Cru-DX115 drive or USB-2 drive formatted for DCI

Cru DX115 exhibition kit

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